FRESH Fruits

Indian Kesar Mango

Brand name : GIRKESARI
India has the largest and the most popular exportable variety of mangoes. One of the popular variances Gir Kesar mangoes is the best mangoes which are famous for its quality. Vasani Group offers high and fine quality exportable mangoes to our reliable customers all round the nation.


Vasani Group is a leading supplier and exporter of fresh organic Avocado to various countries. We are specialised for exports of high-quality Avocado at competitive prices. At vasani we provide modern packing facilities that ensures our customers only receive the best and freshest avocados


Vasani Group is the leading exporter of the fresh Indian lemon. Our lemons are widely used by all our international clients, owing to its juicy flavor and various other distinctive features. The Fresh Lemon is available at affordable prices.

AGRI Commodities

Palm Oil

Palm oil is one of the world's most produced and consumed oils. Being one of the leading palm oil exporters, Vasani Group facilitates export services of fine quality palm oil across the nation at affordable rates.

Raw Cashew Nuts

India has a huge market of raw cashew nuts and it exports around 120,000 tons of cashews annually. The cashew production in India accounts over 65% of the world's exports. Vasani Group is a noted exporter of raw cashews from India to around the world to serve all its international clients the best!


The exclusive product range at Vasani Group also includes import and export of parboiled rice which is in huge demand in the international markets. We provide high-quality sortexed and 5%, 25% and 100% broken rice that has been soaked, steamed, and dried before milling to retain essential vitamins.

Dry Split Ginger

Ginger is a commodity that is highly valued in international markets for its aroma and high oil content. India is one of the largest exporter of dried split ginger in the world. At Vasani Group, we supply the best quality ginger for sale to all our international customers at competitive prices.

Pulses & Beans

India is one of the largest producer and exporters of pulses and beans. At Vasani Group, we serve the global market with high quality and best pulses and beans at affordable rates.

Agriculture Inputs

India is number one in the world in terms of irrigated land and thus is one of the largest producers of agricultural inputs. Agricultural exports have shown a significant rise in India this contributing in the economy.
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